Learn now Positive Thinking

New Personal\Business Development Course
~ Positive Thinking ~

This course is one of a series that helps any person to Make his life Better.

It’s a 4 parts course with 2 hours for each part. The first 3 parts are essential to start to be on the right track as a positive Thinker person.
The last part is optional in case you want to use positive thinking in Business.

Part 1: Positive Thinking and Positive Action
  • Lesson 1: You are What you Think
  • Lesson 2: Moving on From Negative Thinking
  • Lesson 3: Taking positive Action
Part 2: Developing and Maintaining Positive Thinking
  • Lesson 4: Finding and Keeping Motivation
  • Lesson 5: Creating a Positive Mindset
  • Lesson 6: Building Your Self-Esteem and Confidence
Part 3: Positive Thinking for Difficult Situations
  • Lesson 7: Dealing with Disappointments and Setbacks, Trauma and Tragedy
  • Lesson 8: Managing a Fear of Failure, Perfectionism and Comparing Yourself with Others
Part 4: Positive Thinking for positive Business results
  • Lesson 9: How to Use Positive Thinking in Business to have better and positive results at work
  • Lesson 10: Be the best and first step to “Make it HAPPEN”

Think positively and you will start getting positive results.

By Mohamad Barada

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