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Hi, I’m Mohamad Barada “MB”. I’m a Senior Technology, ERP, CRM & BI Trainer & Consultant.

I will guide you towards achieving your GOALS through the POWER of #Technology, #Businesssolutions & #PositiveThinking

My Introductory Video (Special Gift From My Daughter "Rim")

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Best 20 Practical Tips & Tricks to use more effectively the Financial Management in D365

In this session, Mohamad will tell you in details the best 20 Practical Tips & Tricks Within the Financial Management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. You will learn a very practical ways to get the best use of Genera Ledger, Account Receivables, Account Payables and Cash & Bank Management within D365. Prepare yourself […]

5 Reasons Why Positive Thinking increases productivity

Understanding positive Thinking? Hundreds of researches and studies proved and assured that productivity is related to our way of thinking. In simple words: If you are a positive thinker means you are more productive By Mohamad Barada Below are 5 scientifically proven reasons Why Positive Thinking increase productivity: 1. Boosts Energy Happy people have more […]

Learn now Positive Thinking

New Personal\Business Development Course ~ Positive Thinking ~ This course is one of a series that helps any person to Make his life Better. It’s a 4 parts course with 2 hours for each part. The first 3 parts are essential to start to be on the right track as a positive Thinker person. The […]

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